We believe that prayer is the foundation for the follower of Christ. Without it, nothing worth happening, happens. Our church would not exist without prayer, there is no worship without prayer, we come to Christ for the first time in prayer and maintain that growing relationship through prayer. Without prayer even our reading and study of God’s word is void of life and relationship.

Our purpose with this initiative is a specific kind of prayer, intercession (prayer on behalf of others). This is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week ceaseless stream of intercessory prayer. You don’t have to have the “gift of intercession” to be involved. You simply have to have an understanding of its importance and the will to go to God in prayer – and pray. We will be adding content and teachings on prayer that will help us all to pray more effectively.

Our primary prayer target as we initiate this 24/7 intercession will focus on our leadership, our senior and staff pastors. We will add other objectives and breakdown other areas for prayer focus, as well. For now, let our focus for this Prayer Guard be upon our leaders. Everything rises and falls with leadership. Our pastors need your prayers. Pray God’s word over our leadership and as the Holy Spirit directs you.

Thank you for committing to stand in the gap before God in prayer. Your role is vital to our church fulfilling all that God has in mind for His glory – that we may know Him more and make Him more known!

You can commit to spending time in prayer with the buttons below.

You can adjust your commitment over time as your schedule changes using the same links on this page.