• Fishing season calling your name?    #WORSHIPONWEDNESDAYS

  • Do your Grandchildren live in another town?  #WORSHIPONWEDNESDAYS

  • Want your weekends free?    #WORSHIPONWEDNESDAYS

  • Kids playing tournaments all weekend?     #WORSHIPONWEDNESDAYS

  • Do you work nights and weekends?     #WORSHIPONWEDNESDAYS


Worship Experience

heartfeltand acoustic.

Children & Youth Experience

as awesome

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What about my KIDS?

Wednesdays we will continue to have our kids programs available to children while parents are attending Wednesday night worship or Wednesday night Bible study!

Kids On Wednesdays

While parents attend Worship or Connect Group- Kids thru 5th grade have activities from 6:15 to 7:30!

W@R (Wednesdays @theRoad) happens all summer long. Crosswalk & Freeway 45 happens during the school year.


Youth will continue to to meet from 6:15 to 7:45 each Wednesday night for student led Praise & Worship, followed by teaching & small groups.

Youth On Wednesdays

Youth begins at 6:15 each Wednesday night, and they will continue to meet on Sundays as well!