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  • Children's Resources Provided by 
    TheRoadKids are BACK on campus! Orange resources are no longer available to the public but you can click here for previous weeks.

    YouTube Video for Kids!
    One, Two, Three
    I'm in the Lord's Army
    One, Two, Three Jesus is Alive
    I'm In The Lord's Army
    I've Got Peace Like a River
    Praise The Lord Everyday
    What A Mighty God We Serve
    Butterfly Song
    The Little Light of Mine
    Jesus Hokie Pokie
    There Are Promises
    Every Move I Make
    Jesus Loves Me
    It's A Happy Day
    My God Is So Big

  • Connect Group Resources

    Are you interested in joining one of our many connect groups that are meeting through technology each week? Here is a list of those groups as well as who leads the group. If you would like to get involved with one of these groups. Contact Janet for group info: or call the office 405.390.9002.

    Sunday Morning Group Leaders:
    Dean Gunter 
    Michael Griffin 
    Ray Stokes
    Tuca Ogle - Women’s group
    Stuart & Robin Alsop
    Al Young
    Danny & Kelly Schofield
    Guy Worth
    Rod & Nancy Vernons
    Premarital Class

    Weekday groups:
    · Kathy Fetters - Monday Morning Women’s Group
    · Liz Lubin - Tuesday Morning Women’s Group
    · Darren Herdman - Wednesday Night Life Changing Bible Study
    · Steve Beats - Wednesday Night Men’s Study
    · Forrest LaRue - Sunday Night Men’s
    · Tyler & Shanlee Bartlett -  Sunday Night Bible Study
    · Larry & Kacie Jasper - Sunday Night Bible Study
    · Pat Parish - Sunday Night Bible Study
    · Stuart & Robin Alsop - Thursday Night Bible Study
    · Edna Ross - Sunday Nights

    Is your connect group connecting online? If not, you should be! Remember, we were made for relationships! Stay connected!!!

    Click HERE for a helpful guide on connecting in a virtual world!

Weekly Activities/Announcements

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