TheRoad Family Christmas Hunt – Beginning Dec. 8th!

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TheRoad Christmas Hunt

Things you need to know:

Christmas Hunt Challenge ITEMS 2017

This is a Family event. Get everyone involved! (one poster per family/group)

The scavenger hunt list will post online at 4pm on December 8th so that everyone has a chance to start at the same time. You will find the link to the hunt on the Choctaw Road Baptist Church Facebook page. You will have 9 days to complete the hunt.

In order to document your finds, please take a picture of the item. At least one group member must be in the picture with the item to prove it is valid.

All pictures must be printed out and attached to your poster board in order to qualify for the contest. Please number each picture with the corresponding challenge number for ease of judging.

We want to know who is participating to help us plan for the showdown! Between now and Tuesday, Dec 12th, take a quick video of your family saying Merry Christmas (worth 10points) or singing your favorite Christmas Carol (worth 20points), and tag Choctaw Road Baptist Church on Facebook.

Bring your poster (and your family) to the Drive-in of the Children’s Building on Sunday, Dec 17th at 4pm for the Scavenger Hunt Showdown! We will have judges there to tally up the points and award a winner. If two groups have a tie, judges will reserve the right to award bonus points for poster/picture creativity as a tie breaker. Refreshments will be served, and prizes will be given.

We hope you use this activity to have some fun with your family. Spend a couple of evenings together making memories and remembering the reason for the season.
Merry Christmas!


Check back on Friday, Dec 8th for your clues!