Here at the Road, our church body is passionate about biblical principles of STEWARDSHIP and FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. In today’s society, where checkbooks and cash are quickly becoming relics- we have opted to add an option for online giving for your convenience.

Online giving involves the use of credit and debit or electronic funds transfer (EFT). Everyone should exercise care in using credit cards for giving. We offer this option only as a convenience and not as a way to bypass sound biblical money management values or to incur debt. If you have a balance on your credit card(s), we strongly encourage you to please use one of the direct debit options instead, or give through the offering at our worship services. If online giving is your preference, we would prefer that you give directly from your bank account (EFT). It is just like writing a check and there are no processing fees whereas credit/debit cards will cost us up to 3% of the total transaction. This tool will allow you to set up scheduled giving, designate gifts to specific ministries, as well as track and adjust your giving. Account set-up is a one-time process, and you can log back in to your account from this page anytime.

Online Giving is a direct payment program whereby your contribution is debited automatically from your checking, savings, or credit card account into your church’s bank account.
It makes it easy to fulfill stewardship commitments, even when you can’t attend church. You never have to bring cash or checks to church. Giving electronically also helps the church save money and improve its budget!
Once you complete the online registration form, the contribution amount you specify will automatically be transferred from your bank account to the church’s bank account.
Your electronic contribution will be debited on the date you specify on the donation form.
Since your contribution is made at a pre-established time, you simply record it in your check register on the appropriate date. Electronic contributions are recorded for you on your bank statement as well as your online reports.
Your bank statement gives you an itemized list of electronic transactions as well as your online reports.
You can set up to contribute to different offerings at different times; HOWEVER you will have to do each one separately. You will receive a receipt for each one.
Login and update your account information.
It’s less risky than writing checks or bringing cash to church. Electronic contributions cannot be lost, stolen or destroyed and have an extremely high rate of accuracy.
You can cancel your authorization by deleting your accounts and donation dates.
Complete the online registration form and select the donations and the amount you would like to donate along with your bank, credit or debit card information.

You will receive a registration email with a username a temporary password.

ACS Technologies is a financial software and services partner who is providing the technology to help us provide this online giving option to you. Your church staff has selected this option after diligent research and prayerful consideration.