The Best of The Best

Precepts, Principles and Practices from a Decade of Study.

The Purpose of Parenting

Hope For The
Single Parent

Why Rules Matter

& Coach

The Counselor And
then Consultant

The Elephant In The Room: A Family Series

Not Sure I Can Do This

We Aren’t That Spiritual

Money Talk


Changing Lanes: A Parenting Series

Changing Lanes: The Commander

Our goal as a parent is to move a life from childhood to a spiritually, emotionally and relationally healthy adult.

Changing Lanes: The Counselor

Maturity means you have a responsibility greater than self pleasure.

Changing Lanes: The Coach

A coach moves toward a goal—“the way.”

Changing Lanes: The Consultant

A consultant delivers the truth.

Parenting 911

Over last 20 plus years over 75000 books written on parenting.  10 books on parenting published everyday for the last 21 years.  You would think that with all the resources available, we would have all the answers we need to be a good parent.   But we still struggle. 

Parenting 911: What is the Purpose of Parenting

Parenting is God’s method of moving life from childhood to adulthood.

Parenting 911: Parenting the Transitional Child

The purpose of parenting the transitional child is to increase responsibility and decrease control.

Parenting 911: Parenting the Young Child

Parenting the young child is about laying a foundation spiritually, morally and relationally. 

Parenting 911: Parenting the Adult Child

The purpose of parenting the adult child is to be the catalyst for your child to launch into adulthood and be their counselor.