Family Rules Week One

Jeremy DavidsonSermon Notes

Why Rules Matter

What is a rule that is really hard for you to follow?

GENESIS 2:15-17

Why do we need so many rules?

Rules properly implemented bring order to chaos.

If you are a parent, how do you implement the rules in your home? If you are not a parent, how were the rules implemented in your home as a child? Who makes the rules at home?

Rules establish boundaries for life.

Why are boundaries needed? What do boundaries do?

Proverbs 1:8

Rules are the foundation of building trust.

If you lack trust in your children or someone else, think about what “rules” they have broken to create that lack of trust. Think about when you broke trust and what rules you violated.

Rules are the fences that keep us from dangerous things.

What are some rules your parents had for you as a child that you hated or didn’t understand the purpose? Do you see the rules different now that you are an adult?

Psalms 32:8

Rules without consequences create more chaos.

Sometimes we don’t feel like implementing the consequence right? We know our children broke a rule, but we just want to overlook it…just this once.
What has been your experience (as a child or a parent) with this scenario?

The Bible is our foundation for establishing rules that work.

God gave us an example of rules from the beginning.

God gave us the example of clearly stating rules.

Instead of focusing on all that they were allowed in the garden, they had to focus on what?
Does satan want your focus on all the you are allowed by God? What does he want you to focus on?

God gave us the example of carrying out consequences in the lives of those you love.

Why do you think God did not give a stern warning rather than a major consequence for the rule breaking? What did Adam and Eve learn from this experience? What are some other times in the bible you can think of God punishing people for breaking his rules? Did he give warnings to them first?

1 Cor 11:32

God gave us the example of a Father’s love.

How is punishment a form of love? Does punishing our children feel like loving them? How do you feel when you have to punish your children?

Hebrews 12:7

Rules are the foundation of great relationships.

We were created for relationship with God and others.

Are relationships strengthened by rules? Are they strengthened by consequences when rules are broken?

The Bible contains instruction for doing life with God and others.

Is reading your bible a “rule” for you? What are some rules you have for yourself to help keep you in a right relationship with God?