Are you ready for a "virtual" Easter Egg Hunt?

On our website, we have hidden 10 Easter eggs like the ones pictured above. Your task is to find as many as you can and come back and report all of them you find. Tell us what page you found them on! Sorry, the eggs on this page don't count!

All of our "finders" will be put in a drawing for dinner & a movie! That's right! You find them and you have a chance to receive pizza delivered to your door and a redemption code to download a free movie!

When you find them all, fill out the form below and you will be entered in our drawing. While you are at it, if you see something on our site that needs updating, let us know in the form on this page.

Good luck, some of them are tricky! ONE entry per family please. You have until Thursday, April 9th at noon to complete the hunt!

Thanks for playing! The 2020 Online Easter Egg Hunt is over! 🙁 Join us again next year to hunt for even trickier eggs!

To see who won, check out the video!