Podcast #1
The Naked Marriage Podcast - Dave & Ashley Williams: The Four Laws of Love

The law of priority
· Where do you feel your spouse puts most of their energy?
· Are there any good things competing with your marriage?

The law of pursuit

The law of partnership

The law of purity

What is redemptive love?
· Doing the right thing when the other person is doing the wrong thing.
· I am not going to react, I am going to respond.

What is your biggest takeaway from this podcast?

Podcast #2
Healthy Sex | The Naked Marriage Podcast | Dave and Ashley Willis

Before you begin, how does the prospect of discussing sex make you feel?

What could be done to make this a safe discussion for you?

Are you aware of any unhealthy views of sex to which you are holding?

Is sex a priority in your marriage?

Can you be transparent about your sexual needs to your mate?

Can you be transparent about life needs that could improve intimacy?

Take a moment and pray together that God will bless the time and investment of this weekend!

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